Ever dreamed of sipping a tasty beverage while playing mini golf? We’ve got some great news for you. Here at mini golf haven What The Putt we’ve plonked a fully-stocked bar (with bar tenders and all) right in the middle of the action. Swing by before, during or after your putt putt game – or whenever you feel like a drink in Brunswick! Here we’ve listed out some of our drinks-menu faves, so you can see what our mini golf cocktail bar is all about.
This article is intended for audiences aged over 18 – so if this isn’t you, click away!

Negroni/Bloody Shiraz Negroni

There’s a reason it’s considered a classic! A Negroni is an Italian cocktail made with equal parts gin, Campari and vermouth. It’s a slightly bitter cocktail, but is served with a big cube of ice and orange garnish to balance out the taste. Plus, studies show that sipping a Negroni at What The Putt will make you look up to 50% more sophisticated*.

We use the famous Victorian-based gin from Four Pillars in our Negroni recipe, which has been recognised as one of the world’s best – for real! We also make a Bloody Shiraz Negroni using the Four Pillars Bloody Shiraz Gin. It’s a snazzy purple colour and a little bit sweeter. Live out your Italian aperitif daydreams right in the heart of Brunswick – with a game of put putt to boot.

*results not guaranteed and may vary from golfer to golfer

Grassy Knoll

If this one doesn’t sound familiar – that’s okay! The Grassy Knoll is one of our many signature What The Putt cocktails. And yes, they are all golf-themed, thanks for asking. The mix of Bombay Dry gin, Cointreau, Midori and lemon juice gives the Grassy Knoll a fancy sweet and sour taste – and the pretty green colour is a sight for sore eyes.


Melbourne’s mad for bubble tea, so we thought we’d join the party – mini golf style. This sweet concoction is a mix of lychee liqueur, Pavan (a sweet French grape liqueur) and Prosecco, plus popping pearls. Bubble tea but make it a drink for after dark – yes please.

Long Island Iced Tea

Despite what is says on the label – the world-famous Long Island Iced Tea does not contain any iced tea at all. What The Putt bartenders use Finlandia vodka, Bacardi rum, Bombay dry gin, Jose Cuervo tequila and Cointreau – topped off with a splash of Coca-Cola. If you’ve never had a Long Island Iced Tea before, you’d be forgiven for assuming they taste…not very good. But! They actually taste bright, refreshing and delicious. The perfect drink for kicking butt at putt putt.

Ruby Ruby Ruuuby

Yes, that is with three U’s. Whether you’re old enough to remember the Kaiser Chief’s 2007 hit, or young enough to be like: “what are you on about?” – it’s likely that the Ruby Ruby Ruuuby will tickle your fancy. Vodka mixed with red grapefruit liqueur Pampelle gives it a crimson colour and bittersweet taste, topped off with sparkling wine and soda water for a fizzy finish.

Passion 4 Golf

Put your passion where your mouth is with Passion 4 Golf. It’s shaken together with vodka, passionfruit liqueur and lemon juice – plus the best bit: wonderfoam! Wonderfoam makes your cocktail all fluffy, silky and oh-so-Instagrammable – without the use of egg whites. Your vegan friends will thank you (and us!).


If you’d rather not drink and putt – we say fair enough! We have a range of mocktails available so you can still sip a fancy drink while you’re on the green. The only difference is the buzz you’ll get is the buzz from winning! For our sweet tooths we’re serving up Bubble Trouble (with Bubblegum, cranberry and lime) or other options like Zest Zest Baby, Pretty In Peach or Virgin Pina Colada. We also have plenty of soft drink and juice options behind the bar too.


We couldn’t call ourselves a mini golf bar without offering the crowd-pleasing classics. In our beer fridge you’ll find Pale Ales, Lagers and Draughts from all the big names, along with Seltzers and Ciders too. From our cellar (ahem, wine rack) we’re pouring red, white and sparkling all night long.
Find What The Putt’s full drinks menu here.
Here at What The Putt, we encourage responsible consumption of alcohol. Do not drink and drive – make sure you’ve got a deso, order an uber or jump on the 19 tram right out the front.t
From a night out with friends to your team’s next function, what the putt has everything you need for an un–fore–gettable experience – delicious food, colourful cocktails, the friendliest staff, games galore and a fun d floor. Plus, 18 weird and wonderful holes you won’t find anywhere else!