When golfing against your mates, being good simply isn’t good enough – you have to be great. Luckily for you, we’re the mini golf experts and we’re more than happy to share our expertise with you. So, put on your viser, grab a club, and lets get putting.

It’s All in the Technique

Mini-golf is a game of pure skill and technique, so just holding the club right could be the key to getting straight hole-in-ones. And getting a hole in one is always the aim – why go for par when you can go under? Ok, time to talk technique:

A Superb Stance

The correct stance for putting is super simple, and yet all important. For the right stance, make sure:

  • Your feet are shoulder-width apart (or hip-width if you’re shaped like a Dorrito)
  • Your toes are pointing forward, not splayed out
  • The ball is slightly (and we mean very slightly) in front of the centre of your stance
  • When you rest your putter on the ground, the grip of the putter is pointed towards your left hip (do the opposite if you’re left-handed) so your hands are a tad ahead of the ball

Easy, right?

A Great Grip

All the golfing greats have different grips when putting, they simply hold the club the way that comes naturally. But you’re not a golfing great, you’re a putting novice in training to become a champion. So, don’t hold the club any which way, instead try one of these grips:

  • Basic Grip: The most basic grip for putting is the reverse overlap. You take your normal golfing grip (aka dominant hand resting just below non-dominant hand) and then simply move your non-dominant index finger so it’s on top of your dominant hand.
  • Cross Handed Grip: This is literally the basic grip, except your hands are in the opposite position.
  • Pencil Grip: Place your non-dominant hand in its usual position near the top of the putter and then hold the lower part of the putter’s grip with your dominant hand in the same way you’d hold a pencil. This looks strange, but it gives your finer control of your stroke.

Get the Aim of a Champion

In mini-golf, aim is everything. You need to get the ball in the hole, and it will get there much faster if you hit it in the right direction.

Pick the line you want to hit the ball down and make sure you’re standing perpendicular to it. Now the line isn’t always easy on a mini-golf course because of the obstacles. You will need to find the right angles and time everything perfectly. Really plan out your shot.

Then look straight down at the ball – we’re talking chin in line with your forehead. Get your putter in position by lining the face up with the centre of the ball.

Once everything is in position, you’re ready to go.

A Soft Touch Will Do

You’re instincts may be telling you to grip it and rip it, and we admire these instincts, but a mini-golf course is mini – you will lose your ball over the edge of the course (and potentially knock someone out) if you go too hard. So, don’t just let it rip, a soft touch will do. Let your club guide the ball to the hole, with just enough power to make it to the end destination. If your ball ever leaves the ground, you’ve hit it too hard.

Playing Dirty Never Hurts…

Winning by improving your skills is the noble path towards becoming a putting champion. But, there is another, quicker, way of ensuring you beat your friends. You don’t need to be a mini-golf pro when all your mates are hitting bogeys.

Be a Distraction

Chat with your mate while they’re getting into position, stand in their line of sight while they’re trying to aim, make them laugh while they’re trying to concentrate. Winning takes concentration, if they can’t concentrate, they can’t win. This subtle way of playing dirty won’t even be noticed by your mates – they’ll just think you’re bringing the good vibes with your high-energy.

Be the Devil on their Shoulder

If your mates trust you, use that trust to your advantage. Whisper in their ear, give them terrible advice. This way, they will goof their putts and end up way over par. Depending on the mood, you may even be able to convince some friends to purposely muck up their putts for a laugh.

But Don’t Go Too Far

Taking your dirty tactics too far will clue your mates into what’s going on – this will lead to the tactics failing. Your friends must never know that your talkative mood and banter are all just a guise to ensure you win.

A Putting Good Time

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